Symphocat is a creative project of musician and composer Ilia Pucheglazov, from Rostov-on-Don, Russia. During collecting of influence Ilia has experienced in many stylistic influences genres of electronic dance music, but nowadays Symphocat is most strongly associated with meditative Ambient, Drone, Experimental music with Field Recordings, which are interweaving on the border of Modern Classical music and Minimalism. In his works can find collaborations with free ensembles, improvising choirs, dance performers. As sound director Ilia worked with sound for fiction and documentary films. Symphocat is actively touring and takes part in major festivals and concerts at various venues. For example live acts from Symphocat can be heard on the stages of city parks, cultural institutions, art museums, philharmonic halls or underground raves in industrial locations (Gamma Festival, Synthposium, Fields, Acousmonium, Inversia, Horizon, etc.). Since 2007 Ilia working as curator of own music label Simphonic Silence Inside where for creative community of artists he organizing audio-visual concerts, music tours and with label SSI taking a part in cultural program of Saint-Petersburg Sound Museum (ESG-21) and Art-Center "Pushkinskaya-10".

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